Asphalt Maintenance
and Repair Services

Onyx Asphalt is a full-service asphalt maintenance company and we offer commercial and residential asphalt maintenance services such as driveway sealing, crack repair, rubberized crack repair, hot and cold asphalt repair and line painting to the greater Toronto area.

We pride ourselves on having exceptional customer service, craftsmanship, and expertise. Our team at Onyx Asphalt is a team of seasoned professionals who have been serving the GTA for many years with the quality and service for any asphalt maintenance and repair needs.

In addition to providing complete, high-quality pavement repairs, we also perform preventative maintenance on parking lots. We are ultimately extending the pavement's life and decreasing expenses in the long run. Plus, we minimize disturbance by working in phases so that your workers, apartment renters, delivery drivers, and visitors are not inconvenienced.

Asphalt Repair

Driveways, Parking Lots, and Commercial Pavement

Driveway Sealing

Extend Pavement Life, Increase Durability

Line Painting

Proper Pavement Markings for Commercial Business



ONYX Asphalt

At Onyx Asphalt, our goal is to serve all of your pavement repair needs, whether that’s sealing a driveway, repairing a parking lot, patching cracks, or painting new lines, our team will assist you with the utmost attention to quality and customer service.

The Onyx Asphalt team can guarantee and supply top-notch asphalt works as we have an industry-leading degree of technological and operational experience, which we combine with a flexible and customer-focused approach. Contact us today!

Based on 18 reviews
Mathew Gauss
Mathew Gauss
Recently I had my driveway sealed by Onyx Asphalt. From the customer service all the way down to the workmanship and efficiency they were A++++ would highly recommend.
Shannon Campbell
Shannon Campbell
A team that takes pride in every job they complete, reliable, very professional, educated on the products and services, and have great workmanship. You will not be disappointed contacting Onyx Asphalt for residential / commercial sealing or asphalt repairs.
Jonathan Siggers
Jonathan Siggers
Highly recomend Jordan and his team. Top class service and a great job as always. Thanks guys!
jordan coulby
jordan coulby
Awesome to deal with. Everything was very organized and easy. Driveway looks better than ever now. Thanks again!!
Andrea Davies
Andrea Davies
SO HAPPY with our service from onyx asphalt. They were able to give quote over the phone and book the appointment very quickly. We received a text confirming the appt, a reminder the day before and thank you message after the service. Jordan and team were very professional and did an amazing job from start to finish. We highly recommended them to anyone needing asphalt work. Thank you so much!
Rob M.
Rob M.
Onyx sealed a driveway on my street and it looked very good. I emailed them and got a response right away to book an appointment. I then got a text confirming my appointment. I even received a text reminder the day prior. They showed up on time and took great care to seal the driveway. Have already referred two colleagues and a neighbour. Very professional. Give them a call!


Why Choose Us?

If you are seeking an asphalt maintenance business in the greater Toronto area, Onyx Asphalt is your best option. We are the preferred asphalt repair company for clients who demand excellence. Our asphalt repair and maintenance services have superior engineering quality, long-lasting durability, and the most attractive finish.


Offer services for both -
Residential and Commercial

Onyx Asphalt prides itself on delivering top-notch residential and commercial asphalt services. Our experienced professionals guarantee exceptional results that stand the test of time. With our reliable team, you can be sure your project is completed with quality craftsmanship from start to finish!

Great Customer Service

We stand out from other businesses thanks to our outstanding customer service. Our top priority is making you happy.

Wide Choices

If you have a preference, we can accommodate it because we have experience working with all varieties of asphalt materials and applications.

Utilizing High Quality Materials

We always utilize high-strength materials and time-tested methods to ensure that you will enjoy the final product for many years.

Residential or Commercial

Professional, secure, and thorough describe our work. Any repair or maintenance project you have, whether it be residential or commercial, can be handled by Onyx Asphalt because we have the experience, knowledge, and equipment necessary.

Consistent Work Quality

For us, every project is significant. No matter the scale, we offer the same high-quality labor and services, including asphalt maintenance, asphalt repairs, patching, sealcoating, resurfacing, and more.

Burnished and Smooth Final Work

We'll help you make a terrific first impression and raise the value of your house. The quality of your driveway or parking lot directly impacts your property's overall appeal, so we'll provide you with a sleek driveway or a stunning parking lot.

Great Customer Service

We stand out from other businesses thanks to our outstanding customer service. Our top priority is making you happy.


Residential Driveways

All of our repair and sealing services are available for residential pavement. Have a crack in your driveway? Want to re-seal the asphalt to extend its life? Call us today to book your consultation.

Driveway Sealing

When maintained properly, your driveway can last for many years. Periodically inspecting your driveway for cracks and quickly fixing them are aspects of preventive maintenance. When ignored, these cracks will become potholes. This will result in even more costly repairs or replacements. Sealing asphalt is essential if you wish to safeguard your asphalt pavement.

Crack Repairs

Crack repair on asphalt is a cost-effective and beneficial means of keeping your residential parking lot or driveway safe and functional after the winter. Asphalt cracks must be addressed immediately: Otherwise, there is a chance of moisture permeating the road's surface, resulting in additional, more severe damage.

Cold Asphalt Repairs

Our team provides service for immediate road repair utilizing our specific blend of Cold Mix Asphalts. It can be used for temporary or even permanent solutions for road cracks and associated vehicle safety hazards. Our cold asphalt repair service is suitable for patching small or large potholes, roadside or highway cracks, and other sorts of damage.


Commercial Pavement

Onyx Asphalt provides asphalt repair and sealcoating services to commercial clients in the GTA and the surrounding areas. Put your commercial asphalt in Onyx Asphalt's experienced hands! Our knowledge of commercial asphalt repair is unmatched in the GTA. Get your free estimate by contacting us today!

Asphalt Sealing

Asphalt sealing is the most effective method to preserve a beautiful, safe, and functional asphalt parking lot or pavement surface. Asphalt sealing creates an attractive, smooth, and dark-black surface that is easy to clean. Furthermore, the contrast against the pavement markings/lines it creates makes it much easier for all visitors to use a parking lot or any asphalt surface.

Rubberized Crack Repairs

Sealing cracks with rubberized bitumen is necessary for minimizing water penetration. Sealing cracks is a practical and cost-effective solution for maintaining pavements and driveways. It is cost-effective and economical, especially when compared to more major projects like reconstruction.

Line Painting

If you are looking for road and line painting services that will last the test of time, Onyx Asphalt is the only company you need to contact. Suppose you want to add painted line paintings and road markings to your site in Ontario. In that case, Onyx Asphalt can provide a quick and efficient service to ensure that your markings are visible, making them an excellent guide for cars entering your site.

Hot Asphalt Repairs

Neglecting to seal these cracks can result in even more cracking, the formation of potholes, and finally, a severe pavement failure, necessitating costly and unneeded repairs. To reduce the amount of water infiltrating the pavement base, we advise sealing cracks with a hot polymer/rubberized bitumen filler. This can help prevent future pavement issues and prolong the surface area before a full overlay or new surface is necessary.

- F.A.Q -

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend staying off a freshly sealed asphalt surface for 48 hours.

The benefit of sealing your driveway is to keep your investment fresh, presentable and maintained, preventing future damage.

Yes! We specialize in minor asphalt repairs, garage ramps, crack filling, and line painting. We have a few different options in regards to asphalt repair products, depending on the customers price point.

Cold Patch (great temporary fix, most affordable and common route to go for smaller asphalt repairs, and garage ramps).

Please Note: With all asphalt repairs there will be straight, precise lines from where the asphalt meets into the original asphalt. We suggest sealing the entire driveway after the asphalt repair(s) to have all the asphalt colours match.
Unfortunately, no we do not.
We use 100% oil based Black Mac sealer. Black Mac is the top of the line sealant used to create a repellant barrier on the asphalt top, being applied by a high pressure spray gun, ensuring to get deep into pre existing cracks, and crevices on the asphalt surface.
At every job we work as a team to ensure that there is no over spray on to surrounding areas. As one person is spraying the driveway, another is following along with a board along the perimeter of the driveway to block and prevent overspray.
Our driveway service includes:
  • Trimming and clearing the grass edges.
  • Removal of weeds that are directly on the asphalt surface.
  • Scrubbing and blowing away any debris that is directly on the driveway.
  • Sealing the driveway with a professional grade black mac sealer.
  • Protective tools used to prevent any overspray onto the surrounding surface.
  • Caution tape off entrance way.


Benefits of having asphalt work done?

Residential: Sealing your driveway will prolong the life span of the driveway and prevent future deteriorating. The best way I like to explain it to people is, "Using the oil based sealer, is like moisturizing your driveway. With the harsh weathers we endure, applying the oil based sealer allows the asphalt to absorb the product and rejuvenate the asphalt allowing it not to get so dried out, and brittle, causing it to crack." Commercial: Same thing with sealing written above ^ Asphalt pot hole repairs prevent any damage from customer vehicles, allows the parking lot to look a lot more presentable. Line painting: Freshens up the parking lot making it a lot more presentable. Cleans up parking so their clients are parking all over the place with lines that have faded away over time.